Eternal Father please grant our Shipmates and Friends Fair Winds and Following Seas on thier eternal patrol into the sunset" -Amen

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Please Remove your Cover and Honor the Sacrifices of our deceased shipmates

Babinec, Ronald

Baggio, Jeffery

Baker, Anthony

Baltrop, Alan

Bastian, Walter

Beaty, David

Beck, John

Booker, Rodger

Brackett, Ross

Brown, Joseph

Burkholder, Roger

Burr, Mickey

Cayce, John

Chesher, James

Clark, Harley

Clemons, Mike

Clopper, Jeffery

Davenport, Jim

DeCosta, Manual

Dugay, Ronald

Ebright, Jr., Harry

Elkins, Wesley

Forester, Darryl

Giannotti, James

Grainger, William

Griffith, Lloyd

Gustafson, Boyd

Harris, Robert

Harris, Victor

Henke, Richard

Henry, III, William

Hill, William

Hoffman, Matthew

Hunter, Ralph

Isaacs, Ike

Kelly, James

Kent, Rick

Krawetzki, David

Lopez, Nickie

Lynch, Gordon

Mann, Owen

Mario, David

Marrazo, Vincent

McCabe, Mathew

Merrell, Lawrence

Miller, Douglas

Mitchell, William

Mohr, Walter

Oakes, Donald

Pierce, Randall

Pratt, Jackie

Reeg, Frederick

Richmond, Arnold

Roark, James

Shaffer, Earl

Shepard, Earl

Shick Jr, George

Sizemore, Jimmy

Toole, Billy

Tuck, Sr., William

Walsh, Fred

Warren, Ronald

Wheeler, Virgil

Whitney, Peter

Whyman, Francis

Wilbricht, Thomas

Wilson, Tommie

Wittenburg, James

Woods, Jr., Philip

Zynda, Dennis